Electronic Faucet

Faucet with Hot and Cold Water Supply


AF321AC: Input AC110V~220V 50/60Hz. Output DC 6V

  Power Consumption: 0.3W (Idle), 5W(In use)

AF321DC: Size AA Alkaline Battery * 4pcs

  Battery life:3 years (Based on 3000 cycles per month)

  Low Battery Indicator Light (LED) 



Infrared Sensor for Automatic Operation

Stable performance, infrared sensor performs perfectly even in the sunlight or any light.

Waterproof, high quality and safety

Chrome Plated Cast Brass

Infrared Sensor Range: Adjustable 5cm to 20cm (auto adjusted)

Shut-off Delay Time: 1 sec

Time out setting: 60 sec

Include Filter: it filters out paticles in water hence reducing maintenance cost

Easy to take out and clean

With Integral Spout Temperature Mixer

Operating Water Pressure: 10 to 100 PSI

Water Supply Connection: PF 1/2

Mounted on a Single-Hole Lavatory or Deck (28Φ~45Φ)

Applicable Water Temperature: 4°C ~85°C (39°F~185°F)

Warranty: 2 years