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BS4210 / BS4220

BS4210 / BS4220

Computerized Bidet-Toilet Seat



Side panel control

Family / Lady warm water cleaning

SPA pulsating cleanse

Nozzles auto-cleaning

Compact design to fit 97% of home toilets

3 levels temperature controlled warm seat

Programmable power save

3 levels temperature controlled warm-air dryer

Gentle closing seat and lid

Easy Installation



Power supply: 100~120V AC/ 200~240V AC; 50/60Hz

Power Consumption(Max.): 1400W

Tap Water Pressure: 0.5~7.5kgf/cm2

Electricity Consumption: 1.5 kwh/day

Warm Seat:

        Temperature: 3 levels adjustable/ 35~40oC

        Safety Device: Temp Fuse

Instant warm-water cleaning:

        Temperature: 3 levels adjustable/ 35~40oC

        Maximum spray volume: Approx. 0.72 liter/min.

        Safety device: Temp fuse, sensor switch

Powersave: Programmable time setting in 24 hrs cycled

Electricity safety protection: 15mA

Power cord length: 1.2M

Product dimension: 483L*433W*153H mm (BS4210)/ 511L*433W*153H mm(BS4220)

Net Weight: 4.0 kgs (BS4210)/ 4.2kgs(BS4220)