Closet Flusher

Tank Type Closet Flusher


Infrared Sensor: Automatic Operation

Automatic hands-free flushing function: beneficial to the handicapped, elderly, infirm and young children.

Wireless sensor

Designed without using any electronic parts or electric wiring inside the tank. It also means fewer problems and a longer life for every Smart toilet.

Can be used both for commercial and residential restrooms.

Battery power: Sensor Unit: DC 6V (AAX4)

                           Solenoid Valve Assembly: DC 6V (AAX4)

Infrared Sensor Range: 40~80 cm

Low Battery Indicator Light (LED)

Remote Type: RF Wireless Remote Control (315 MHz)

Detection Time: 10 sec

Flush Time: Adjustable (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 sec)

Flush Delaying Time: 2 sec

Flush Volume:  6~9 liter (adjustable)

Operating Water Pressure: 10 to 100 PSI

Easy to Install and Maintain

Mechanical Life: Over 500,000 flushes

Warranty: 2 years