Comprehensive Bathroom Appliances Supply

Explore Hygicare's comprehensive bathroom appliances, including auto soap dispenser, hand dryer, auto faucet, electronic bidet and so on. Not only finished products, OEM or ODM service is also available here. With Hygicare's vast experience, Clients' needs will be satisfied by one-stop-shopping in our versatile product line of all the appliances relevant to the bathroom applications. More
Maunfacturing Capabilities

95% automatic flushometers in Taiwan public spaces come from our production

Based on our capability of innovation and vast experience of ODM, we have achieved high market share locally. We design and manufacture over 95% automatic flushometers of toilet or urinal, and 50% automatic faucets in public washroom in Taiwan.
This solid fact earns the trust from our clients.


Modularized solution for fast design

Solenoid valve is the key component of automatic washroom facility.
We do the mechanism design of solenoid valve by ourselves, to make sure we have full consideration of materials, specifications, precision, manufacturing processes, functions, etc., and must be cost-effective.
We have modularized solution to help our clients to obtain the ideal products fast and efficiently.


Strict quality managementfor production process

So many clients rely on us for long time in virtue of our strict management of production.
In order to assure the quality of incoming items, we prepare the raw material for our partners who produce the components for us. We inspect all the incoming components and modules. We test the products in the process and final by professional instruments. We not only care about the final products, we care every detail from the beginning to the end.

Instant Heated Smart Toilet Seat
Instant Heated Smart Toilet Seat
3IN1 Automatic Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser (Liquid/Spray/Foam type) CAPELO-20S
Capelo: 1500ml, 3 adjustable nozzles automatic multi-function soap dispenser (Liquid/Spray/Foam type)