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Automatic Metered Aerosol Dispenser HK-230AD

Automatic Metered Aerosol Dispenser

Our metered automatic aerosol dispenser can be set to spray during specific office hours, Furthermore, the sound level is very low. When it sprays, it is very quiet. No detectable loud noises.
  1. LCD display
  2. On-Off setting
  3. Clock setting
  4. Spray start-to-stop time setting. Spray interval setting to read the number of times the dispenser has already sprayed
  5. Setting-on LED indicator
  6. Battery low power LED indicator
  7. Battery: C type size x 2
  • The Most Advanced Programmed Metered AEROSOL DISPENSER
  • Helping to manage your environment
  • Easy installation, easy operation, long life battery, low noise gears and slim cabinet design.
  • Everything from the most advanced programmed LCD aerosol dispenser to the most basic model