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Public Toilet & Shower Refurbishments for Commercial Washrooms

The products for remodeling the public toilets:

When talking about remodeling the public toilets or commercial washrooms, the usual demands of retrofit facilities are keeping them clean and dry, easy to maintain, handicap friendly, well ventilation, etc.

But we know it should be far more than that to deal with the high-profile, high traffic and heavily used site. You definitely need touchless automatic appliances to support the heavy utility with hygiene, and you may need a customized or integrated design for specific requests, last but not least, the products should have reliability, attractive appearance, worthy price, and good after-sales service.

Hygicare can satisfy you with versatile solutions of made-in-Taiwan automatic electric washroom appliances for public toilet refurbishment companies, public toilet contractors, commercial washroom and bathroom remodeling contractors, by the product's durability, innovation, reasonable cost, and efficient after-sales service support.

You may only trust the quality of those famous brands. But we do ODM for famous brands for many years, so we assure you can get the products with the same quality as famous brands, but save the cost because of buying from the manufacturer directly.

Refurbishment for Commercial/Public Washroom Toilet, Fixtures and Fittings

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