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A conventional hand dryer is still a popular choice for schools and some public spaces. Hygicare conventional hand dryers radiate warm, gentle, less-noise air to dry people's hands, which offers a comfortable and pleasant experience for users, especially in winter.

Our conventional hand dryers are equipped with brushless induction motors for lasting a long lifespan. From 1800W to 2400W, sufficient warm air can dry people's hands fast and cozily.

The total product range has different designs, materials, and treatments for choices, including stainless steel, aluminum, painted cast, chrome, enamel-coated steel, and plastic covers. Hygicare hand dryer series also keeps several push-button models for the traditional hand dryer range as a face/hair dryer.
Stainless Steel Hand Dryer HK-QA


Plastic Hand Dryer HK-1800PA


Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Dryer HK-1800SRA


Aluminum Automatic Hand Dryer HK-2200EA


Aluminum Automatic Hand Dryer HK-2200LA


Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Dryer HK-2200SRA


Enameled Coating Hand Dryer HK-2400PA