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4 in 1 Air Freshener & Cleaner for Toilet Bowl

Air Freshener & Cleaner for Toilet Bowl

Quantitative release method
2+2 in 1 -- Fragrant, deodorize, sanitary, clean

  • The device contains solid fragrance, anti-odor element and high concentration detergent. They pre-dissolve and reach saturation in patented compartments quickly for each flush. The release volume is between the area of water inlets and outlets which can control concentration of fragrance and detergent evenly for 500 times flush.
  • Each release volume from each compartment (fragrance and detergent) is about 1/10 of their saturation volume, so it is very fast to reach saturation again when fresh water pours into compartments. Users can hardly to recognize the difference in color between flushes and smell the fragrance constantly.
  • Unique nature fragrance works with water directly. Special material binds with ammonia and sulfide to lock or transform to deodorize and let fresh fragrance exist only.
  • Shelf Life = Total saturation volume / Release volume for each flush
  • Concentration of color and dosage = Release volume
  • Disconnect the dot connections to form a hanger to hang the device on the wall of water tank and stick it with the label for covering inlets and outlets. No hands dirty when discard.
  • Environment friendly and compact device can control even dosage and release volume to create a clean and fragrant surroundings and it is cost save.
  • In the middle of fresh fragrance and clean surroundings is much more comfortable than just in luxurious toilet facilities.
    5 different fragrances are available currently
    Air Freshener & Cleaner for Toilet Bowl