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4 in 1 Urinal Sanitizer

  • Wall hanging & coating type
  • 4 in 1 -- Fragrant, deodorize, sanitary, clean
  • High concentration of deodorant, detergent and fragrant are solidified in a cartridge.
  • Patented device sucked to the wall of urinal and guiding the cleaning water into container then bring contents in container out and fan-flow onto the wall of urinal to form a membrane to avoid stain or urine attached.
  • High concentration detergent can clean and prevent urine attached on urinal and pipe's wall. Unique elenent in fragrant can lock and decompose amonla and sulfide odor. Only fresh fragrant can be smelt.
  • The membrane coated on urinal and pipe's wall will be washed out at next flush and will form a new membrane during flush.
  • Device is easily to be installed and handy to be used. It is environment-friendly and cost effective.
  • Cleaning, freshing and comfortable environment can be created by this patented device.
4 in 1 Urinal Sanitizer - Wall Hanging & Coating Type