Adjustable Saving Water Aerator HP-155

Adjustable Saving Water Aerator

  1. Male thread gauge
  2. Bubble water
  3. Saving water rate from 30% to 85%
  4. Perfect bubble effect and without splash.
  5. Suggest to use in kitchen and bathroom.
  6. Depending on different place and requirement to adjust water flow quantity.
  7. Suggest to adjust for 6L/Min.
  8. Please use small flathead screwdriver (width 4mm) to adjust water flow quantity.
  • Saving water rate: 30% ~ 85%
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: bronze, chrome plating, plastic(pom)
  • Water Pressure Range: 1-5kgf/cm2
  • Application Scope: 15/16-27(M24x1), Male Thread