One Touch Water Saving Aerator HP-265

  1. Male Thread, Water Saving Ratio: 84%
  2. Male thread model is as the picture.
  3. Spray water flow.
  4. Water saving ratio: 84%
  5. Suggesting use at public place for washing hands or somewhere need to save water.
  6. Easy to use and anti-virus and keep clean.
  1. Orange Caution
    - If you can see the orange color of the switch, it means it's closed.
  2. Water saving chip
    - You can adjust the water flow rate by yourself if necessary.
  • Water Saving Ratio: 84%
  • Color: silver
  • Material: bronze, chrome plating, plastic(pom)
  • Water Pressure Range: 1-5kgf/cm2
  • Application Scope: 15/16-27(M24x1), Male Thread